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My Equipment for Stills & Filming:

I find I’m being asked more and more often about the equipment I use.

As I’ve typed-up countless replies and lists for friends and viewers, I’m going to set it all out definitively one last time here.

And then I can refer people to this page and only amend any items as I go along if / when I change them!


All the links here are Amazon affiliate links to the actual items I have bought, use regularly and would recommend without reservation.

You won’t pay a penny more than the list price by using these links, but I do get a few quid towards petrol to keep making vlogs for you.

So thanks a lot if you can help out … 😀 👍


Camera Body

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

I talk about my decision to adopt the micro four thirds format and specifically this Olympus system in some detail in my vlog #070

Lightweight Ball Head

E1 Tripod Ball-Head

I replaced the heavy ball-head from the tripod with this much lighter option. It locks fine with a heavy body and glass, but saves about 200g in carrying weight.

Spare Battery

Olympus BLH-1 Battery

I only carry one spare as I find, even for a full day out, I rarely need to replace it.


Olympus M.Zuiko 12-100mm f/4.0 IS Pro

I talk about my decision to adopt the micro four thirds format and specifically this Olympus system in some detail in my vlog #070

Camera Holster

Think Tank Holster 10 v2

Really handy – fits on backpack waist belt and hangs on tripod. Also carries all accessories.

System Filters

Cokin Medium P Series Traveller Filter Kit – Black

I bought a second-hand set from a friend, but it’s pretty much the same holder, CPL and a few grads …


K&F Concept 62″ Compact Light Aluminium Tripod

I chose this because at only 1.1Kg it was the lightest I could find with any rigidity to it at a sensible price.

Shutter Release

RS-C6 Shutter Release Cable

Works perfectly for bulb mode live timer exposures over 60 seconds.

Screw-In ND Filters

Neewer 72mm ND1000 10-Stop Filter

Neewer 72mm ND2 – ND400 Variable Filter

These are the 2 ND filters I use for long exposures. Sometimes combined with each other and / or my Cokin system filters.

And that’s everything I have and use for stills at the moment.


I’ve been tweaking my setup incrementally as I’ve gone along, over about 12 months. This included quick trips to a local beach where no backpack was used, all day hill walks where emergency gear, rations and spare clothes were required. And right up to full load-outs with overnight wild-camping equipment.

I settled on this kit list of tech items some months ago. It all works really well for me. Being very adaptable and lightweight, it’s easy to grab it all in one pouch to move from bag to bag without leaving anything critical behind. It’s light enough to tote about with minimum effort.

But it also allows huge flexibility for a variety of filming, with multiple angles on setup shots, smooth pan, dolly and crane style shots with zooming. And good audio and lighting.


DJI Osmo Pocket
I waited for the audio adapter to become available before I opted for this. But the video quality, audio in and portability make it a complete winner for the sort of filming I do in out of the way places. This is my first choice camera for every shot I take.

E-M1 mk2: I’ll sometimes use this for locked-off A-roll, where not using it for stills. Also locked-off B-roll to demonstrate compositions.

2x Firefly Action Cams: I use these only for multi-angle locked-off A-roll set up shots eg. filming photography.


I use a combination of clip-on Rode Lavalier microphone and Rode VideoMicro shotgun mic.

If I’m close enough to my filming device, I’ll run audio straight into my Osmo Pocket, or main Olympus camera. If I’m further away from the main camera I’ll record audio to Voice Recorder Pro app  on my iPhone (I highly recommend this app) and sync it in the edit.

VRP allows for very high quality recording and it’s really easy to download files using its dedicated built-in wi-fi web server.

I don’t see the point of an expensive Zoom H1 recorder when my phone does the job and is always with me anyway!

DJI Osmo Pocket Camera

DJI Osmo Pocket

I was a fan of a phone gimbal setup, but when it came to replacing one this was a more pricey, but far better option. It’s tiny and weighs nothing. The sound and vision is unparalleled in such a portable device. Add in mechanical stabilisation and it’s a complete game-changer for vlogging – you’d need the audio adapter too, though, which is only available direct from DJI at the time of writing.

Vlogging Tripod

Amazon Basics 50″ Lightweight Tripod

I use this because it weighs next to nothing and clips onto a bag with a carabiner. I use it as a full height tripod for setup shots, and it doubles as a selfie-stick for run and gun A-roll. A bit flimsy, so I go through one about every 9 to 12 months, but at only £15 I happily replace them, as they’re so useful and cheap.

Rode TRS / TRRS Adaptor


Handily converts the Rode Lav mic for direct plug in to Camera. For iPhone, I use the lightning adaptor that came with the phone – or you can order one from Apple.

Spare Firefly Batteries (x2)

Hawkeye Firefly 1200mAh 8S Battery S009R

These cameras can be a bit heavy on battery use so I always have a couple of spares with me.

iPhone SD Card Adapter

Apple Lightning to USB, SD Card Drive

This gizmo is amazing! Simply put, you slot in a micro SD card of any capacity and using the free App you can shunt files off your iPhone storage, via the lightning plug, onto the SD card to free up space on the phone. And then easily transfer them to a Windows or Mac device using the USB end of the drive.

Day Hike Backpack

Endurax Extra Large Camera DSLR/SLR Backpack For Outdoor Hiking Trekking With 15.6 Laptop Compartment

This is a really large capacity and comfortable pack and I love everything about it. It doubles as an everyday carry / business-trips-to-London pack too. Even though I travel as light as possible as far as tech kit is concerned, when I’m out and about in the mountains I need all manner of emergency gear, clothes, rations etc! I have all my tech gear in modular pouches so just by grabbing the pouch and dropping it in I know I have everything I’ll need for photography and film-making. I also have a full 60 litre trekking pack for wild-camping trips.

Tripod Mount for Osmo & iPhone

Phone Holder Bracket Set w Cold Shoe Mount for DJI OSMO Pocket

This fixes the phone to the Osmo and allows the Osmo to be used without the phone as well. It’s rugged, well made, and the Osmo is held pretty securely with all ports still accessible.

I tend to keep it fixed to a lightweight tripod which doubles as a selfie stick for walk & talk filming.

Rode Lav Mic

Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone

Works brilliantly with my main Olympus camera and iPhone, and has great sound. Even though the lead isn’t very long, it’s fine for most piece-to-camera situations, and is very lightweight. So doesn’t interfere with the gimbal action when used with a stabilised iPhone. If I’m too far away from the video device I simply plug it into my iPhone and record high quality audio with Voice Recorder Pro.

Shotgun Mic

Rode VideoMicro Compact Mic

A nice quality shotgun mic which works well in calm conditions. But as I’m often out in very windy locations I don’t use it all that much. I do find the Rode Lav mic does a much better job of handling wind noise!

Power Bank

Poweradd Pilot X7 20,000mAh External Power Bank

Great value for money – one of the highest capacity power banks I could find for around £20. I use it a lot to keep things topped up especially on an overnight trip.

Lightweight Bag

DCCN Military Camera Pack Molle System Crossbody Bag (Black)

This is what I use if I’m travelling light – say, a trip to the local beach for a couple of hours, or a short walk in the mountains where I won’t need any layers or emergency gear.

Any time I don’t need anything more than some camera & filming equipment and a flask of coffee!

I like the ‘molle’ webbing system for hanging stuff off the outside of the bag. Such as tripods and gimbal.


DJI Spark Drone Fly More Combo – Alpine White

I don’t tend to use this for epic high level stuff these days – once the novelty wore off!! But I do like to set up B-roll follow-shots or low-level dolly-style and crane shots which are hard to get smooth with a hand-held.

So I use it sparingly.

Extra Cameras (x2)

Hawkeye Firefly 8S 4K Action Camera w. 90deg FOV

You can get 2 of these for less than one GoPro! They have very sharp 4K without that horrid wide-angle distortion. They are digitally stabilised, but I only use them for locked-off tripod A-roll shots. The dynamic range is poor, but if you’re careful you can get pretty good footage.

Lighting Block

Ulanzi Ultra Bright 49 LED Video Light

I often use the lighting for a bit of fill even in daylight if it’s lowish lighting conditions as really helps with camera if dynamic range is limited such as in action cams. 2 AA batteries seem to last ages as LEDs don’t pull much current.

Mini Ball Heads (x2)

Tripod Mini Ball Head on 1/4″ Thread Mount

These are brilliant for quickly framing and levelling up my action cams for set up shots.

Mini Tripod

Joby GorillaPod for Mini Cameras

Very lightweight to slip into tech pouch. Handy for time-lapse etc or when other tripods are in use. Magnetic feet also handy and lever makes for smooth panning.

Cold Shoe Adapter Mount

Ulanzi PT-1 Microphone Cold Shoe Plate

This little gadget is really handy to allow me to mount a shotgun mic, lighting, iPhone mount etc at the same time to anything compatible.

Also used on conjunction with one of these. I carry a couple and often use one to attach an action cam to my main camera.


Tech Pouches

Set of 3 Gadget Travel Cases

These are handy to store little bits of kit which would either go missing or end up in the wring bag when I need them. By keeping them in these pouches I can just shunt it from bag to bag and no worries about not having the right bit of cable when the time comes!


Filmic Pro is a top-class video app for filming in the highest bit-rate 4K quality, with flat and log colour profiles, and full manual control over iPhone cameras.

When paired with the fully integrated Smooth 4, the gimbal controls the entire filming process without the need to touch the phone screen at all – I didn’t film without it when I used to use an iPhone & gimbal!



I use Davinci Resolve 15 for film editing, which is every bit as powerful as Premier Pro and costs zero!

It has all the usual editing tools, but also integrated node-based effects, colour-grading and an audio mixing desk.


All the accessories listed here get used in a largely mix and match manner, as needed.

They are all recommended, small and lightweight so easy to carry about.

And all have proved their value to be included in my kit, having come in very handy on a regular basis – I don’t carry a single gram of extra weight that hasn’t proved it’s worth to me!


iPhone Gimbal

Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Gimbal

I don’t have one of these any more, having gone and left it on location!

When I lost it I decided to replace it for the DJI Osmo Pocket, as you’ll see above.

But I’m leaving it on this equipment recommendation page because I loved this gimbal and how it works seamlessly with Filmic Pro on a smartphone for easy-as-pie cinematic footage.


All the links here are Amazon affiliate links to the actual items I have bought, use regularly and would recommend without reservation.

You won’t pay a penny more than the list price by using these links, but I do get a few quid towards petrol to keep making vlogs for you.

So thanks a lot if you can help out … 😀 👍

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