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Landscape photography - mostly Anglesey, Snowdonia & North Wales

I’d given some thought to starting a landscape photography blog. But in Sept 2017 I was encouraged to start filming some of my landscape shoots.

Sharing a more immersive record of how my images are captured seemed a good idea. In addition to insights into the technicalities of how images are created, it also shows the conditions and information on the locations I visit.

So here are the vlogs from my YouTube channel: ‘D Griff Gallery‘. Not all of the images in my vlogs make it here, though. This site is my main portfolio. But at least you’ll see the ‘failures’ too!

Images captured with an entry-level Nikon D5500 and a small selection of budget lenses.

Prints, Canvasses, Tuition, Workshops & Post Processing

If you'd like to hang one of my images on your wall, or learn how images like these are captured, or have me post-process one of your photos, please feel free to contact me.