Landscape photography - mostly Anglesey, Snowdonia & North Wales

I’d given a good deal of thought to adding a landscape photography blog to this site. But in September 2017 I was encouraged to start creating videos of some of my landscape shoots.

Sharing a more immersive record of how some of the images featured here are captured seemed like a good idea. In addition to an insight into the technical aspects of how images are created, it also gives a feel for the conditions and background information on the locations which I visit.

So here are the vlogs from my YouTube channel: ‘D Griff Gallery‘. Not all of the images created in my vlogs make it here, though. This site is my main portfolio. But at least you’ll get to see the ‘failures’ and a few secrets of my post-processing techniques too!

I’m out and about most weeks, so why not subscribe to the channel for notifications of new vlogs?