Landscape photography - mostly Anglesey, Snowdonia & North Wales

Landscape Photography Workshops:

I’m being asked more and more often about the doing landscape photography workshops.

I have 2 of these planned, and they’ll be FREE of charge to attend. There are a maximum of 6 spaces on each – and you can only come to one or the other I’m afraid.

Workshops are 6 hours, from 3:00pm until 9:00pm.

So we can take in sunset (if there is one) and some of blue hour. I’d rather we shoot sunset because you can get more out of it with time to prepare during the workshop, rather than sunrise where you’re trying to get organised in the dark!

Fully Booked

Sat 27th April: ON THE COAST

The Church In The Sea, Aberffraw, Anglesey.

We’ll be working on how to make the most of an iconic landscape photography landmark, as well as looking at general coastal photography skills which you can use on any beach. A good sunset will have the Church right in the frame and depending on the tide there’s plenty of scope for close-up work too.

Fully Booked


Around Llanberis & Dinorwig, Snowdonia.

Here you’ll find mountains, water, trees, industrial heritage, derelict houses and much more. We’ll start by exploring a little of the iconic Dinorwig slate quarry in the lower accessible reaches. Later, we’ll head to a lakeside vantage point where, if there’s a good sunset we can shoot the golden light on Snowdon summit and across the lake.

If a workshop you’re interested is flagged as “Fully Booked”, I’ve started list of people for priority notifications of future events.

So when I have something coming up I’ll let you know in advance of any public announcement and you’ll have a chance to book early.

Just drop me a line here to get added to the list. Thanks a lot.

Walking to and from the locations will be kept to a minimum, so they can be easily accessible to most people, and also to not detract from the time available for photography!

All levels of expertise and experience are more than welcome, and you can bring along any photographic equipment you like. It’ll be much more about gettng the most from what you have in your hand, and what you see in front of you. There’ll be no lessons on what camera gear you ought to get!

I’m keeping to a maximum of 6 people so that you all get as much time as possible one to one.

I don’t want to charge for these workshops because I haven’t done group sessions before and it wouldn’t be fair to “experiment” on paying customers. But if you do happen to get anything out of them I would ask for a very brief message I can use if I ever do start charging. Is that OK?

If you’d like to book a place just drop me a line here and let me know which one you’d like to join, or if you just have questions, no problem – fire away 👍 😀

Prints, Canvasses, Tuition, Workshops & Post Processing

If you'd like to hang one of my images on your wall, or learn how images like these are captured, or have me post-process one of your photos, please feel free to contact me.