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Family “Secret Santa”

Oct 7, 2020

Yes, I know, this is going to seem decidedly “off topic”, but hear me out!

I thought there might be one or two camera clubs who might find some use for this. Here’s the blurb I posted on social media …

And here’s the link …

With things as they are it’s going to be difficult for families to get together at Xmas. For a bit of fun my family decided to run a “Secret Santa”, but we haven’t been able to get together to even pull names from a hat!
I guess that’ll be the same for many families, groups, clubs and offices this year.
So we looked for an online system to secretly match up the names remotely. We found quite a few web “Secret Santas”. But they’re all trying to sell you something. Or worse, they want your email address!
So I wrote our own. And I’ve put it online completely free and totally anonymous.
If you like it, do feel free to share far and wide.
Thanks šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘


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