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Landscape photography - mostly Anglesey, Snowdonia & North Wales


Anglesey & Snowdonia

I’m asked with increasing frequency for local information on landscape photography locations across Anglesey and Snowdonia. So I hope it would be more helpful to all landscape photographers if I share my local knowledge here.

This section of my website will most likely remain a work in progress for some time. There’s lots to add!

I’m most certainly not an expert on every single landscape photography location in this region! So anyone with additional knowledge, and corrections would be very welcome to contact me. I’m hoping these pages will evolve into a helpful and comprehensive resource for landscape photographers considering a visit to the North Wales.

Images captured with an entry-level Nikon D5500 and a small selection of budget lenses.

Prints, Canvasses, Tuition, Workshops & Post Processing

If you'd like to hang one of my images on your wall, or learn how images like these are captured, or have me post-process one of your photos, please feel free to contact me.