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I’m often asked about the equipment I use.

This is the location to which I refer all enquiries, and I make sure I keep it up to date as things change.

Over the last 3 years I have incrementally tweaked what I use. Ensuring everything is as lightweight as possible whilst still functioning extremely well for photography and filmmaking. Despite my approach being relatively cost conscious, everything I carry has to meet rigorous standards of quality and convenience!

Some of the items on this list are no longer used because they have been superseded by more effective acquisitions, however everything has been paid for and used and is highly recommended.

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Links here are affiliate links to the actual items I have bought. If you follow any of them and proceed to purchase I will receive a small commission but you won’t pay a penny more than the list price. So, many thanks if you help me out  😊👍


Camera Body

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

I talk about my decision to adopt the micro four thirds format and specifically this Olympus system in some detail in my vlog #070


K&F Concept 62″ Compact Light Aluminium Tripod

I chose this because at only 1.1Kg it was the lightest I could find with any rigidity to it at a sensible price. This was my main tripod until I bought the lighter Veo, but it still works well when I use it now and then for windier conditions.

Remote Shutter Release

JJC Wireless Remote Shutter Controller

Cheap imitation which works perfectly with the E-M1 camera at a fraction of the price of Olympus branded equipment. An essential accessory .

10 Stop Filter

Cokin P-Series Nuances Extreme ND1024 10-Stop Square Filter

Quite a bit cheaper than many other brands of filter and does the job perfectly. This is glass, not resin.

Camera Accessory Pouch

Maxpedition M-1 Waistpack

Mine’s in OD green, but they only have black at the moment. It’s perfect for the essential accessories – see my review on Vlog #102 for details. Note: I have subsequently swapped to a slightly larger pouch as I no longer use an 85 mm filter system.

Main Lens

Olympus M.Zuiko 12-100mm f/4.0 IS Pro

I talk about my decision to adopt the micro four thirds format and specifically this Olympus system in some detail in my vlog #070

Lightweight Ball Head

E1 Tripod Ball-Head

I replaced the heavy ball-head from my older tripod with this much lighter option. It locks fine with a heavy body and glass, but saves about 200g in carrying weight.

Spare Battery

Olympus BLH-1 Battery

I only carry one spare as I find, even for a full day out, I rarely need to replace it.

Filter System

Cokin Medium P Series Traveller Filter Kit – Black

To be honest I’ve now switched to a Formatt Hitech Firecrest filter holder. But I ‘m still using a number of my old Cokin filters in it, as there’s no need at all to replace them from an optical quality standpoint. For a beginner getting started with filters the Cokin system offers great value for money, until you’re confident that filters are right for your photography and you’re ready to invest more.

3 Stop Soft ND Graduated Filter

Cokin 10956 P Series Nuances Graduated ND8S 3-Stop Filter – Grey

Quite a bit cheaper than many other brands of filter and does the job perfectly. This is glass, not resin.

Long Telephoto Lens

Olympus M.Zuiko 75-300mm f/4.8 to f/6.7

For not much more than kit lens money the optics on this are superb. Its price is set based on the slow aperture, but I have found no issues with handheld wildlife images in average light. With a full frame equivalent of 150 to 600 mm in an extremely lightweight lens I’m very happy with this.

Peak Design - V3 Capture Camera Clip

Peak Design – V3 Capture Camera Clip

I was suspicious of this until a good friend recommended it without reservation. Now I do too! It allows me have my camera to hand at all times either on a backpack shoulder strap or on a Peak Design sling bag. No more missed shots when fleeting light puts in an appearance – VERY highly recommended!


Peak Design Everyday 10L Sling Case in Grey

This is one my largest accessory investments, but worth every penny. I can carry all my stills and video gear in one bag. The actual photo and video gear is stowed in small pouches for easy transfer to my hiking backpack for longer trips. It’s very comfortable and I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Variable ND Filter

Neewer 72mm ND2 – ND400 Variable Filter

This variable ND filters is use for long exposures up to 9 stops. Sometimes combined with other system filters.

Accessory and filter pouch

Pouch 100mm Filters

This pouch is perfect for holding all of my 100mm system filters and all the other accessories I need for photography. I can attach it to a belt, a backpack and as you’ll see in the picture above, even to my tripod, which is where it lives most of the time.


Main A-ROLL Camera

Sony RX100 mkVII Camera

I’ve noticed my very small sensor cameras have struggled when the light has a high dynamic range, or in low light. This 20Mpix camera is perfect for high quality A-roll, whether handheld without a gimbal or set up on a tripod. Audio and flip around screen make it really easy to use and the auto focus is simply astounding.

Audio System

RØDE Wireless Go Compact Wireless Microphone System

This has proved a great acquisition, as I can run high-quality audio into any device I happened to be using without needing to be wired up so switching across from one to another and being able to use a camera at some distance from my position makes life very much easier, and more flexible for interesting shots.

Camera Rig Cage

Smallrig Cage for Sony RX100

This is hugely helpful for mounting audio and lighting accessories. It is extremely well-made and rugged, offering additional protection to the camera from the sort of abuse it gets from me! In case you’re wondering about my image I have taken the wooden handle off as I don’t need it.

Tech Pouches

Set of 3 Gadget Travel Cases

These are handy to store little bits of kit which would either go missing or end up in the wrong bag when I need them. By keeping them in these pouches I can just shunt it from bag to bag and no worries about not having the right bit of cable when the time comes!


DJI Mavic Mini Drone

I switched over to this drone from the Spark. It is more compact, lightweight, runs for 30 minutes on one charge and has better image quality. Since I can fit it into my main video pouch it is always with me and therefore likely to get used more often. I don’t tend to use this for epic high level stuff these days – once the novelty wore off!! But I do like to set up B-roll follow-shots or low-level dolly-style and crane shots which are hard to get smooth with a hand-held.

So I use it sparingly.

Lightweight Travel Tripod

Vanguard VEO 2GO 235CB Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod

I chose this because at only 1.1Kg it was the lightest I could find with any rigidity to it at a sensible price. This is used now and then as my main tripod if I want to travel really light and I’m not vlogging. It’s not too good in strong winds, but in the right conditions its weight and rigidity are spot-on. See my Niagara trip, for example!

BackUP B-ROLL Camera

DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal Camera

It’s tiny and weighs nothing. The sound and vision is very good for such a portable device and it’s a great B-roll back-up camera. Add in mechanical stabilisation and it’s a complete game-changer for vlogging – you’d need the audio adapter too, though, which is only available direct from DJI at the time of writing.

Lavalier Microphone

Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone

This is an excellent quality lavalier mic which I have had for about five years now, using adapters to run it into various cameras over the years. I currently use it on the transmit module of the Rode wireless go system, As it gives measurably better quality sound than the built-in microphone, and is much easier to protect from wind noise.

Mini Tripod

Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2-Section Mini Tripod

Beautifully designed and functional lightweight mini tripod. Perfect for B-camera and timelapses etc. Built in ball head and 1/4″ mounting very handy. I use this a lot for secondary shots with action cams.

Lighting Block

Mini LED Video Light

I often use the lighting for a bit of fill even in daylight if it’s lowish lighting conditions as really helps with camera if dynamic range is limited such as in action cams. This one is very lightweight, bright and rechargeable – perfect for the sort of thing I do.

Main B-ROLL Camera

DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal

This really is an excellent gimbal which solve some of the problems of earlier models where for example the microphone port was obscured. With the quality of phone cameras and manual apps, adding a gimbal like this makes an excellent B roll camera set up. Great value at under £100!

Extra Cameras (Timelapse etc)

Hawkeye Firefly 8S 4K Action Camera w. 90deg FOV

You can get 3 of these for less than one GoPro! It has very sharp 4K without that horrid wide-angle distortion. They are digitally stabilised, but I only use it to run locked-off tripod time-lapse segments, while I using other gear. The dynamic range is poor, but if you’re careful you can get pretty good footage. I carry a couple.

Power Bank

10000mAh Power Bank Thin, Lightweight Portable Charger

Great value for money at about £12 – 10,000mAh is plenty for an overnighter and charges everything I have easily. Also quite slim and lightweight.

Mini Ball Head

Tripod Mini Ball Head on 1/4″ Thread Mount

I use this on my lightweight carbon fibre tripod instead of the supplied heavy bullhead. My RX100 is very light and this little ball-head weighs next to nothing.

OLD Drone

DJI Spark Drone Fly More Combo

This was the drone I used to take with me before I upgraded to the new DJI Mavic Mini. However, if you are budget conscious this drone is a very good purchase and can make your videos much more engaging if used sparingly and carefully.


Moment Pro is a top-class video app for filming in the highest bit-rate 4K quality, with flat and log colour profiles, and full manual control over iPhone cameras.


I use Davinci Resolve 16 for film editing, which is every bit as powerful as Premier Pro and costs zero!

It has all the usual editing tools, but also integrated node-based effects, colour-grading and an audio mixing desk.


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I’m often asked about the equipment I use

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