#104: Landscape Photography, Sunrise From Moel Eilio, Snowdonia

Aug 5, 2019

Another landscape photography wild camp. This time it’s images from a sunset and sunrise from the Snowdonia summit of Moel Eilio. This is a peak near Snowdon in North Wales which overlooks the town of Llanberis, Dinorwig slate quarry, and of course Snowdon itself. This ridge at about 700 to 800 metres elevation also has views right across the Glyders and Carneddau ranges.

At this time of year many landscape photographers complain about harsh light, and vegetation that’s too vibrant! But for me it’s the time to spend as many nights out on the high ridges and peaks as possible in my tent. Because the epic vistas open up, the camping is relaxed and pleasant, and the landscape photography comes easy!

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