Cheating on Wide Angles in Photoshop (Ep #190)

Jun 23, 2022


In this landscape photography video I cover a topic which is probably quite controversial as there are some landscape photographers for whom the “cheat” technique, to which I confess in this video, will be complete anathema!

We start out with a quick visit to Cwm Pennant, Snowdonia, and an update on my RPS project. Then we visit my local coastline at the Church in the Sea, Anglesey, to make an attempt on a challenge I have set myself. Something which I have contended in previous videos is almost impossible for a landscape photographer to achieve: to create an engaging image of the church at low-water.

And it is in order to do this that I deploy the Photoshop trick which I share at the end of the video.

I’m often asked about the equipment I use.

You'll find details of most of it on my  GEAR PAGE


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