Anglesey, Snowdonia & North Wales

Crimpiau, Capel Curig, Snowdonia (Ep #133)

Mar 19, 2020

At last, I am back in the mountains of Snowdonia for some landscape photography. In this video I take a short easy hike from the North Wales village of Capel Curig to the summit of Crimpiau. This is, by Snowdonia standards, a very low peak at only 475 m. But its strategic position and ease of access is a perfect location for landscape photographers to get panoramic views across the whole of the northern Snowdonia ranges. For those less mobile or worried about the dangers of hiking to the high ridges, this is a great introduction to hiking in Snowdonia and still gives you a good flavour of how it feels to reach the summit of a mountain and enjoy sweeping views.

On this landscape photography trip, the weather starts out bright and sunny but soon closes in. This is pretty standard for mountain scenery, and in particular Snowdonia as we are close to the sea. The wind gets up and my only options are handheld photography, But the light is marvellous and I really enjoy my trip out into the mountains after such a long time and such bad weather for many months.

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