Dinorwig Slate Quarry, Lower & Middle Galleries


Best at / for: winter around mid day – for best light and solitude.

Best avoided: during a blizzard!

Parking: convenient parking in Llanberis or limited parking in Dinorwig village.

Access: extended uphill walking required, about 45 minutes.

Notes: good hiking / wild camping opportunities nearby.


The slate quarries at Dinorwig, above Llyn Padarn and opposite Llanberis should be very high on every landscape photographers location list.

In all weathers, in all light conditions, there is almost no bad time to visit. If you’re visiting from far and wide there are many locations around here which may prove disappointing if conditions aren’t “just right”. If that happens to you, just head for Dinorwig. It really is that simple.

I won’t bother describing it – just come and see for yourself.

Whilst it can be quite a steep climb, during busy periods it is recommended to park in Llanberis and access the quarry through the lower galleries. There is a clear path up to the middle levels. And whilst there is access into the middle galleries through the small village of Dinorwig, parking is very limited at that entrance. Also, accessing halfway up means that unless you’re prepared to walk down and back up again you will miss quite a lot of the quarry features to be enjoyed and photographed.

If conditions don’t suit wide landscape vistas, there’s plenty of detailed interest in amongst the derelict workings and industrial heritage.

Plan on spending a good few hours here!