Llyn Dinas, Snowdonia: Reflections (Ep #117)

Oct 19, 2019

Join me at Llyn Dinas in Snowdonia, where on a tranquil grey morning with just a hint of Autumn colour starting up, I photograph the reflections of mountains in the lake. Landscape photography is often about conveying the atmosphere and conditions of a location as well as its physical aspects. And that’s what I looked to achieve on this photo shoot. And when the rain came later on, instead of packing up, that was the time to make the most of the ethereal nature of a wooded mountain lake on a day like this. My filming gear wasn’t up to the task, but I was pleased with the set of images I created at Llyn Dinas.

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Unfortunately I can only leave my most recent video images up in full resolution, so those accompanying this video have now been removed.

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