Micro 4/3 Landscape Photography Facebook Group

Dec 15, 2021

Aberffraw Bay Sunset

I’ve decided to set up a Micro 4/3 Landscape Photography Facebook Group.

For a few key reasons:

1. The Micro 4/3 camera format isn’t particularly well served when it comes to landscape photography. Yet many photographers, such as myself, use it specifically for landscapes as the compact and lightweight gear makes life so much easier when heading out, especially where lengthy hikes are necessary to reach your locations.

2. For landscape photographers with full frame and cropped sensor systems who are looking to downsize, there is limited information out there on the relative performance of micro 4/3 systems.

3. Through my social media and YouTube channel I find myself constantly fielding a steady flow of similar queries on capture and processing Micro 4/3 landscapes, along with location information. So an open forum will allow me a more efficent platform to engage with more like-minded photographers. And, of course, there will be many out there with their own very useful and interesting information and experiences to share.

4. There are other Groups which would overlap with the topics of this one, but the ones I’ve managed to track down and consider joining seem to suffer from lengthy, pointless, and restrictive rules and admin practices, usually underpinned by excessive ego-massaging of the Founder.

There will be just one simple-to-follow rule: don’t be an arse.

That’s it.

Other than that, whilst this Group is obviously primarily for M4/3 landscape photography, any other genre (or camera system, even) will be equally welcome for photographers to share. Talk about anything you like, locations, gear, capture, processing, critique. And, bearing in mind the single rule above, there won’t be any restrictions on links to social media, YouTube channels, workshops, advertise your secondhand gear; none of those stupid rules which restrict people in other groups apply here. That’s because if we were standing round chatting in any other circumstances, there wouldn’t be some egomaniac hovering about banning any part of the conversation they decided they didn’t like. If someone has something they would like to promote they wouldn’t be stopped from doing so in real life, so they’re not going to be stopped in my Facebook group. As in real life, if somebody does tend towards being an arse the others around them will soon let them know!

The mission statement will be simply: Let’s raise our photography game collectively, and ecourage creativity.

Lastly, I will certainly be looking to arrange Group meet-ups in my locality where any members will be welcome to pitch up. I really hope that other members (if there are any!) will organise some get-togethers in their localities too. It would be great to form up as a sort of online camera club where the only subject material is stuff we’re actually interested in.

I really hope a few people will join in. Otherwise I’m going to look a bit lame hanging out there all by myself! Tell your friends … šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘

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