Newborough Warren


Best at / for: misty mornings, late afternoon winter sidelight

Best avoided: none – always a good location

Parking: free parking at edge of dunes

Access: easy walking required if you’re not going far in

Notes: it’s a longer walk than you think all the way to Abermenai Point!


The Warren at Newborough is found on the southern tip of Anglesey. It sits alongside the, perhaps, better known forest. It is an area of sand dunes which stretches for approximately the same acreage as the forest and runs down to the sandy point at Abermenai, which marks the southern entrance to the Menai Strait.

There is free parking available in two small areas, but to get right into the heart of the dune system does require some quite lengthy walks, especially if you want to get down to the coast. The area is largely comprised of low-lying dunes stabilised by marram grass, and with more than a few lone trees to attract the landscape photographer!

However, even though there are few specific subjects to target, this is an area which comes to life when soft side light from either sunset or sunrise sweeps across dunes, creating highlights and shadows in the complex dune arrangements. In addition, the longer lenses will give great views of the Snowdonia ranges and the Llyn Peninsular, again providing great vantage points in golden and blue hours at either end of the day.

It is perfectly feasible to wild camp here as long as you are discreet and tuck yourself out of sight in one of the many gulleys. This can put you in the perfect location to capture a stunning sunrise over Snowdonia. Or a spring or autumn sunrise over Llanddwyn Island. You’ll need a long lens of course.