OM System OM-1 Camera for Video? (Ep #193)

Aug 28, 2022

In this video I take a close look at the capabilities of OM System’s OM-1 camera for video work. In the past almost all of the video footage seen on my channel has been captured with small cameras. Such as GoPro, DJI Osmo and Pocket 2 and various iPhone models. I’ve attempted to use Olympus equipment such as the E-M1 mk2 and E-M5 mk3 for video B-roll in the past, but been unable to avoid excessive camera movement and, for the most part, produced footage too shaky to make much use of it.

So I’ve tolerated poor dynamic range and difficulties in grading footage on previous landscape photography videos, in favour of stable and smooth footage. Now I have the new OM System OM-1 camera I test it here to decide whether or not I can reply on it in future when making hiking and landscape photography videos for my channel.

I’m often asked about the equipment I use.

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