Anglesey & Snowdonia, North Wales

On The Snowdon Rhyd Ddu Path (Ep #131)

Feb 26, 2020


Join me for some landscape photography as I hike on the Snowdon read the path with my good friend Darren Knight. Some poor weather conditions recently have made photography trips rather difficult, and I have been unable to get out into the mountains for quite some time. But at last the weather breaks slightly and we are able to climb to about 800m to the southern Ridge of Snowdon at Bwlch Main. Although the rain held off throughout our trip, with very strong and icy winds both filming and photography were challenging. In the end, however, I think we manage some decent images and in any case had a very good day out!

I’m often asked about the equipment I use

Having typed-up countless replies I've now set it all out definitively here:


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