Photo Workshop Nerves

Jan 20, 2020


I get very nervous in the days before a photo group workshop. Nothing to do with meeting new people, about being able to help people improve skills, and certainly nothing to do with a lack of knowledge of my local area and the ability to share interesting and diverse locations with visitors.

It’s quite simply that I worry about the weather and light conditions being terrible!

I leave it as late as possible to decide on locations, so I can guess the likelihood of horizontal rain, low cloud, and anything else making for a particularly miserable day out. But with the vagaries of weather forecasting, particularly in the mountains, it’s extremely difficult to forecast even roughly what may happen. Two valleys located right next door to one another can be completely different.

The thing is, I’m always acutely aware that people have invested time and money to make long journeys. They come to visit locations which, in good conditions, can be utterly incomparable. But in bad conditions they can be utterly incomparable for wholly different reasons!

Of course, it’s more of a concern during winter, and having just completed a weekend of workshops, my relief is tangible. Not only were conditions impeccable for enjoyment of our days out, but the light we enjoyed was simply stunning by any measure of photographic aspiration.

Now if only I could ensure that happens every time

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