Playing With My Playlists

Dec 20, 2020


Having had recent plans slightly disrupted by Lockdown 3 (as with all sequels and follow-ups they’re never as good as the original!) being unable to do the hike I had in mind, I thought what better opportunity would I get for rearranging my YouTube playlists?!

To be honest, it had been on my ‘to do’ list for quite some time. Each playlist had become a stale repository for old and useless videos, none of which I would recommend anybody in their right minds even consider watching. Also the subject groupings were now ridiculously broad, since I’d set them up when I had about three videos available to go on each list, some years ago.

So with a view to somebody stumbling across this sort of thing and wondering what my channel is about I wanted to avoid them accidentally viewing something horrendous, from before I’d worked out what the hell I was doing.

Hopefully these 16 subject / location groupings are now more representative. And, in view of the fact that there will be many of you housebound over the festive period with next to nothing to do, maybe one or two from my back catalogue here and there might be a mind-numbing accompaniment to some industrial scale drinking …


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