Porth Llanlleiana


Best at / for: mid-summer sunset.

Best avoided: can’t think of any time NOT to visit!

Parking: free parking about 2 miles from the location.

Access: steep coastal cliff walking is required.

Notes: a very scenic, isolated and quiet location; good for camping.

My vlogs featuring this location:

#043: Landscape Photography at Cemaes


Porth Llanlleiana is a very secluded and quiet cove at the most northerly tip of Anglesey. Access is available by means of a rugged walk of around 2 miles from the east or west. There is no close parking and this contributes to the isolation and appeal of the location.

The easiest parking is a free spot adjacent to the old church at Llanbadrig near Cemaes. Then follow the Anglesey Coastal Path to the north.

Porth Llanlleiana is in a narrow valley where you will find a small rocky beach and a derelict porcelain works. The quiet nature of the location and its distance from access points do lend itself to a discreet wild camp.

From a landscape photography point of the view, the beach and headlands offer some interesting subjects and in mid-summer, with the sunset directly off the beach, it offers the best lighting opportunities. The porcelain works are not especially interesting in themselves, but in context of the lovely location add a little something for the landscape photographer.