Porth Wen Brickworks


Best at / for: mid summer sunset and sunrise.

Best avoided: mid winter sunset and sunrise

Parking: very limited close to the footpath.

Access: a single narrow overgrown path.

Notes: a very scenic, isolated and quiet location; wild camping possible nearby.


Porth Wen has recently been placed off-limits for health & safety reasons, by the local landowners. However that doesn’t seem to have deterred visitors, who continue to push through the constantly overgrown and un-maintained path through the gorse, down to the only access point.

The brickworks offer an interesting industrial heritage, with buildings, kilns and various artefacts of interest to photographers. And with its location on a rocky outcrop with a stone arch in a small remote seaside bay, it really does offer the landscape photographer a wealth of opportunities.

In addition to the brickworks itself, the local area and coastal path running over rocky headlands offer some great hiking and wild-camping opportunities. There is an extremely scenic hike westwards to Porth Llanleiana, where there is more industrial heritage in the form of a derelict porcelain works, again in a secluded costal location.

The landscape photographer should bear in mind that with this area being on the northern coast of the island, golden hours and sunrise / sunset light really only comes into play during mid summer. The rest of the year, the location remains of interest, but in terms of light, not necessarily at its best.

One last thing to bear in mind is that parking is extremely limited on the roadside nearest to the access path, so you may need to park some way off and face a longer walk.