Revisiting Older Images

Feb 20, 2020


I’ve been going a bit stir crazy lately. Which, I suppose is no wonder when you consider the last eight weeks have offered nothing more interesting than constant horizontal rain and Arctic gales. Sadly, there has been no sign of any crisp icy winter weather for me to photograph. In fact, even my routine mountain hiking has been severely curtailed with the barrage of storms making it as unpleasant as it is dangerous. Added to which, the mountain summits are constantly clouded over. And as far as landscape photography on the coast is concerned, well, I’m sure you can imagine the difficulty keeping a lens dry when sea spray and driving rain combine!

So I’ve been taking a look back over some images from past years. Which isn’t something I do very often. I’m always more interested in the next image than I am in previous ones. Even if they were pretty good. But it occurred to me that I seem to have somehow accumulated an almost half-decent back-catalogue of work.

Now I added to this thought, one which was pointed out to me two or three months ago. It wasn’t something which I had picked up on myself, but a fellow photographer and good friend identified a distinct artistic style which I seemed to have subconsciously started applying to my more recent work. And when I gave it some thought I could see he was actually quite right. And so, as the weather conditions have kept me indoors recently, I wondered how that evolution in my style of photography and processing might look if applied to some of my older images.

And having re-visited one or two images which offered a decent starting point I thought I would, in the absence of any new and recent work, share these newly processed images. The feedback has been largely positive, and quite interesting. It’s probably a combination of newer followers who didn’t see them the first time around, and people that had seen them the first time around probably couldn’t remember them anyway because they were a bit rubbish when first offered for critique!

In any case, there is probably quite a lot more to come and I’m dropping most of them on social media somewhere or other. More likely Instagram than anywhere else, but every now and then I might use Facebook and Twitter too. Although, it’s a bit laborious spreading them across various social media locations very time.

So if you are at all interested in not missing anything I’m happy to commit to always using Instagram at the very least and if you follow me there you’ll get to see everything as I reprocess them.

I am only revisiting work which offers potential, and stands up to scrutiny based on my skill-set now being, hopefully, somewhat improved compared to when I was creating these older images. Let me know what you think …

Across Llyn Idwal, winter sunrise catches Y Garn

Gwenfaen’s Pillar, Rhoscolyn, Anglesey

Blustery sunset at South Stack, Holyhead

Winter sun dips behind Y Garn, Nantlle

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