Anglesey & Snowdonia, North Wales

Seascapes At Aberffraw (Ep #145)

May 17, 2020


In this landscape photography video I have cycled down to the river estuary at Aberffraw on Anglesey. It is the closest beach to my home, and I spent half an hour capturing a couple of seascapes. One of which is a reinterpretation of an image which I shared a week ago from a previous exercise session! Capturing wide coastal vistas in landscape photography Can be difficult because they look great to the naked eye but often create uninspiring photographs. So in this video I show you some techniques to overcome that and hopefully create a more engaging picture.

So sorry, but the images from this video have now been archived. As they're large high-res files, I do have to remove them after a while to keep the site running smoothly. I only leave images up from the most recent few videos in these vlog pages.

Only my best images (compressed) are shown on my PORTFOLIO page. A wider selection of my better images are in full resolution on FLICKR

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