Snowdon Ranger Path: High ISO Handheld Photography (Ep #122)

Dec 5, 2019

Join me for some landscape photography on the spectacular Snowdon Ranger Path in lovely wintery conditions. I set out at first light and spend a day on the mountain, capturing the changing light. In this video, I mostly work with high ISO exposures on handheld images, explaining how I make full use of the “exposure triangle” to capture good quality, sharp images.

Many landscape photographers are married to using exclusively low ISOs thinking that they need to avoid noise in their images at all costs. However, modern digital cameras can create really good images with higher ISOs which allow for higher shutter speeds and less risk of soft images. So worrying about noise is not a good approach to landscape photography of this nature.

I’m often asked about the equipment I use. You'll now find details of most of it on my: Gear Page.

Unfortunately I can only leave my most recent video images up in full resolution, so those accompanying this video have now been removed.

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