Switching To Flickr

Mar 22, 2021


Since my website and YouTube channel have been chugging along for about four or five years now, I found I needed to make an executive decision on where to house my work. There’s quite a lot of it, and my website has been creaking a bit lately!

So the whole lot is going on Flickr. All new video images will be displayed there for a while and then culled to leave behind an archive of my better work.

My Pubcast mates had twisted my arm about giving Flickr a try. Now I’d never really given it much consideration in the past. Plus I’d recently culled my social media presence, feeling that Twitter and Instagram were the poorest of locations to display work which takes so much effort to create. And reducing to a single photo Group and my Gallery page on Facebook.

So I’d only, to my shame, thought of Flickr as yet more fluff to wade through. But I was assured by people whose opinion I value, that it provides an excellent platform to showcase work.

And I was immediately struck by the ability to display images at full resolution, and to share EXIF data camera settings without hours of tedious typing. Settings are something I’m often asked about. And this gives me an easy reply to those sorts of queries. I’m renowned for cutting every corner I can find!

It’s taken quite a while, but I have now uploaded a back catalogue archive of my better work to my Flickr profile. Going forward I’ll upload all video images and other images which I share on social media not taken as part of videos. As time goes by I’ll cull my photostream to leave an archive of just my better work.

I do hope you’ll swing by and take a look, as it does share my work on a platform which shows it to its best, and which I had previously only maintained on this website. But which, with so much of my work at such high resolution, really was starting to cause me resource issues on the server.

My Flickr link is at the foot of the page, let me know what you think …

I’m often asked about the equipment I use.

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