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Feb 7, 2022

Hoar Frost on Marram Grass
Landscape Photography From Snowdonia and Anglesey on Video No 182

Since I started this website and my YouTube channel about five years ago I have had a steady stream of speaking engagements by camera clubs to present my landscape photography. But when the pandemic struck I decided to offer my services on a pro bono basis to help out struggling clubs, and since I was able to present over Zoom my bookings increased noticeably over the last couple of years.

Despite the technical limitations and the inability to present my images in full resolution, these presentations have been very well received and I have thoroughly enjoyed supporting camera clubs across the UK to help them keep going during difficult times. Particularly during lockdown periods, it was clear that groups meeting online was a valuable social resource and I was more than happy to make a small contribution wherever I could.

Now that clubs are able to meet in person I have continued to offer presentations at no cost to them where they don’t need me to travel to visit. Of course, this has opened up many new opportunities to present to clubs much further afield than I would normally have been able to. And it has been extremely rewarding sharing my landscape photography and interacting with active and keen club members to help them with their own photography, and, of course, to promote Snowdonia and Anglesey as landscape locations.

Subsequent to more than one presentation I have been engaged to guide club members in person both in group settings and one to one.

If any clubs out there would like to engage me on this basis I would be happy to arrange a presentation either over Zoom or, if reasonably local, in person.

A recent presentation was reviewed by Ripon City Photographic Society and they kindly granted me permission to reproduce it unabridged:

On 31st of January David Griffiths, a semi-professional photographer based in Anglesey, gave a presentation of photographs from the coast of Anglesey to the mountains of North Wales. David has had a lifelong love of the wild outdoors. He has been influenced by Ansel Adams, Karl Holtby and Adam Gibbs. When creating your landscape photograph you need the location, the light, a subject, the overall composition and the processing technique. The final image is how YOU feel it should be!


David showed many of his beautiful moody, dramatic, coastal images captured on Anglesey. The Church in the Sea, sea cliffs, sea stacks near Trearddur Bay, and South Stack to name a few. He takes long exposure images at those special light times of the day, sunrise and sunset. To create a more subtle but dramatic image, he takes several shots over time and makes a composite. This creates beautiful detail in the foreground and a graduation way into the distance.


Telford’s Bridge over the Menai Strait led us into the hills of Snowdonia. David’s majestic mountain images were breath-taking. He shared his detailed knowledge of so many beautiful places easily accessible for outstanding mountain photography. He showed sunrise shots from mountain summits, beams of light through brooding skies, drama of the massive Dinorwig slate quarry and primordial woodlands. David shared his tips of composition, follow the ridges, look out for zig-zags to lead the eye and use negative space.


Thank you for a truly fabulous visual experience in such a photogenic part of North Wales.


I had a coffee with a few of the members on Thursday morning, they were still raving on about it not just the high quality of your work but the layout of your presentation.

My sincere thanks goes to all the clubs, each of whom have given me a warm welcome and generous feedback.

I’m often asked about the equipment I use.

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