Temperate Rainforest in Llanberis, Eryri (Ep #202)

Jan 23, 2023


In this landscape photography video I visit the Eryri village of Llanberis in search of fragments of temperate rainforest.

I have recently been fascinated by a book called “The Lost Rainforests of Britain” by Guy Shrubsole. Especially since there are some areas of this type of woodland found in my local landscape photography patch. Guy’s excellent book explains the how and why of temperate rainforest, and seeks to catalogue the remaining fragments around the UK raising awareness of the need to conserve these delicate ecosystems.

Reading this book, inspired me to try and interpret some of these environments from a landscape photography point of view, and I decided that my first port of call would be Llanberis. Since I don’t visit this part of the National Park very often, at least in mid January it would mean that it would be at its quietest. During any other part of the year it can be an extremely busy location and not particularly enjoyable for a landscape photographer who enjoys solitude and tranquility!

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