Thoughts on Vero and Sharing Images Online

Aug 21, 2022

Since I canned Instagram a while ago, I understand it’s become even more of a dog’s breakfast of reels, ads, and stuff they think you want to see. Rather than the people you’re actually following.

So I’ve caved into the latest trend to give Vero another go.

Already loving their new desktop app as I hate mobile devices for enjoying people’s images. Plus, it’s far better than FB for not crushing images with insane compression. Might well bin this off altogther, too, in the near future. Certainly, from now on it’s unlikely that everything will get posted on FB and more will go exclusively on Vero, I think, as they are much more interested in photographers’ work and have built a platform which showcases it beautifully.

I think it might just be a matter of time before photographers start to switch across to Vero en-masse. Of course, there has always been Flickr, but the Vero interface is fabulously contemporary and Flickr is looking a bit tired and dated these days by comparison. Also, Vero shows you everything from anybody that you follow, which seems to me to be the entire point of sharing on a social network. You really don’t want the network itself deciding what to show to your followers.

Anyway, on the off-chance you’re on Vero you’ll find me under the usual handle: “dgriffgallery”. šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘

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