Trwyn Du, Penmon


Best at / for: sunrise, sunset only in mid-summer.

Best avoided: public holidays, flat light.

Parking: paid parking adjacent to location.

Access: minimal walking required if mobility is a problem.

Notes: a popular location, so can be very busy at times.


Trwyn Du lighthouse at Penmon is probably as well-known to landscape photographers as South Stack and Llanddwyn Island.

But many visitors shoot the lighthouse from the “standard” angle and leave it at that. Which is a pity, because the coastal area around Penmon Point has lots to offer in most weather and tidal conditions.

It’s well worth spending some time there and exploring for new and original compositions. Some images I’ve seen from local photographers are truly exceptional examples of coastal photography in general.

Also, whilst best known as a sunrise location, many visitors don’t realise that it also a sunset location for most of the year except, maybe December & January. Again some of the best images I’ve seen have been sunset golden hour.

Finally, since you can park right alongside the beach, it’s really easy to reach, family-friendly and well worth the £3 parking fee that the Priory charges.

In my opinion this is a far more interesting location than South Stack.

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