White Beach


Best at / for: summer golden hours.

Best avoided: public holidays.

Parking: limited free parking adjacent to the beach.

Access: steep walk down to the beach.

Notes: very scenic, but only 4 parking spaces.

My vlogs featuring this location:

#034: Shooting Rocks at White Beach


White Beach is reached by a single track lane and there are only 4 parking spaces. So you might find it full and need to park some distance away. However, if you have made the trip, don’t give up too easily. It is well worth any effort to visit.

The beach is small and entirely pebbles and cobbles, with surrounding cliffs and rocks. All with a wide range of hues and textures.

Light can be problematic, though, with the high cliffs shielding a north facing location from prevailing weather, and, most of the year, golden hour light. But the couple of months around mid-summer have both sunrise and sunset light falling on the beach.

This location is as much about peace and quiet, and tranquil contemplation, as photography. It’s by no means anyone’s first choice Anglesey location. Which, for us locals, is part of what generates its appeal. As long as you can park!