Whether you’re lured by the highest peaks, or the most remote coastline, I can show you some amazing and unrivalled locations

You may have seen the types of remote locations I visit on my YouTube channel and thought about seeking them out. I do what I can on my videos and in the location guides section of this website, to share my locations.

But sometimes it’s better to have a personal guide. You can get so much more out of a trip to an unfamiliar location with some local insight. Especially if you’re uncertain about routes and navigation, mountain safety or how to equip yourself for a night’s wild-camping.

I can share decades of hiking and camping experience, and I know my locality intimately. All trips are planned in line with your physical capabilities – I won’t make it so strenuous that you don’t enjoy it!

So whether or not you’d like photography tuition, for a guided day hike or wild-camp adventure get in touch. Let’s have a chat about how I will help you experience the most spectacular, epic wild scenery of North Wales. You’ll see some things very few other people ever do!

£35 per hour (min 2 hours)