Elidir Fawr, Deiniolen


Best at / for: epic views across Snowdonia.

Best avoided: low cloud

Parking: free parking on approach to Marchlyn Mawr.

Access: serious hiking required, possibly scrambling.

Notes: great wild camping locations at high elevation.


Elidir Fawr is the sharp ridge seen sitting above the Dinorwig slate quarry looming over Llanberis. Although it is accessible from the Nant Peris area, or indeed, by scaling the quarry, there is a much easier route.

Head for the village of Deiniolen to the north of Llanberis and follow the road as far up as you can, towards the reservoirs of Marchlyn Fach and Marchlyn Mawr. You’ll find a handy parking spot which puts you about half way up the ascent. Follow the track up to the top reservoir and then there’s an easy grade one scramble up from the southern edge of the lake to the pass just below the summit.

There is no possibility of camping directly at the summit unless you’re prepared to sleep in the open on rocky ground. But dropping down a little offers plenty of sites to pitch a tent, either towards the pass to Foel Goch to the east, or west to the summit of Elidir Fach.

For the photographer this is an interesting location in many types of conditions because of the panoramic views in 360 degrees allowing for the light to be exploited wherever it appears best. But you’d need to stay below the cloudbase, of course. In cloudy conditions there are still opportunities to capture the mood and drama of the mountains from this epic vantage point.